CINAGE – European Cinema For Active Ageing

CINAGE allows a new approach on active ageing trough audiovisual tools and media. At the same time, using European films, CINAGE promotes a specific review of European Cinema, contributing to a reflection of EU cultures in the field of ageing. Using this new pedagogical approach to Cinema, CINAGE will provide audiovisual techniques learning, new ICT skills and team work towards a better active ageing. It also empowers senior learners to use European films to reflect on their own personal experiences. Endorsing the use of ICT and audiovisual techniques (lighting, recording, sound), CINAGE promotes new pedagogies and practices for LLL and Cultural life. We expect to improve cultural literacy and language and visual literacy skills. New ICT skills will approach the language of the ageing population to the language of the new generations, increasing the dialog and interchanging of experiences between them. As providing competencies for active ageing, CINAGE offers a review of the cinematic gerontology, and its essential reading for adult educators.The demand for innovative learning solutions within a lifelong learning approach is part of the core business of all project Partners.

You can see flyer about CINAGE project here.

A final flyer is now available with information on the CINAGE Package, its set of educational and supporting materials for delivering the CINAGE course and how to get relevant copies.

The CINAGE PACKAGE integrates various resources:

Contact information

Dušana Findeisen, Meta Žgur

+386 1 433 20 90

Contract Number: 538672-LPP-1-2013-1-PT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP