ECIL – European Certificate in Intergenerational Learning

The Beth Johnson Foundation with partners from Bulgaria, Sweden, Spain and Slovenia (Slovenian Third Age University) is going to develop a distance-learning course that will enable people across Europe to develop their skills and expertise in organising intergenerational practice.

At a time when so much news is about potential breakdown and conflict between people of different ages this is a wonderful opportunity to make a positive contribution to building a skilled European workforce to empower people of all ages to make a better Europe together.

The Beth Johnson Foundation is the UK member and project lead for ECIL and hosted the first meeting of the ECIL partners from 27th to 29th October 2012. Over the next two years the partnership will develop the distance learning course, which is funded through the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme from October 2012.

Activities / Methods / Results

ECIL report on the state of art of intergenerational learning in Slovenia. More

ECIL Newsletter. More

Contact information

Dušana Findeisen, Tamara Jare

+386 1 433 20 90

Contract number: UK/12/LPP-LdV/TOI-508