DANUBE networkers

The project is an Internet-based Danube Network of seniors initiated by ZAWiW and its senior students. The website of the project  shows the potential of a transnational cooperation of older adults along the Danube River. The learning partnership was preceded by a seminar to which ZAWiW and its senior students invited 27 guests from seniors’ educational organisations from all Danube countries on the occasion of the international Danube Festival in July 2008 in Ulm. In this framework the Danube-Networkers network was created.


Activities / Methods / Results

In the framework of this project several conferences were organised in Ljubljana on visible social subjects like active ageing, cultural heritage, migrations, sustainable development. The project ended in Brodarica, Croatia, in an overall topical exchange among older people and experts.

In spring of 2009, Slovenian Third Age University and Open University Zagreb became asociated partners of the Danube-Networkers.

“Danube-Networkers” is the Grundtvig Learning Partnership projecet. (2008-2010)