Pan European Forum for Education of Older People (2004-2006)

Pan European Forum for Education of Older People was the first network of older adult educators in Europe. It drew upon the international experience and contacts of its coordinator and the project PEFETE 1. By that time, education of older people was rather well developed in some European countries, which was not the case of most Eastern European countries with the exception of Slovenia, Poland and some other countries. Ageing society needed and still needs to have a vision and policy of older adult education and older adults’ leisure time and PEFETE2 offred a solid basis to this end.

Activities / Methods / Results

Partners first met near Utrecht at Odysee, a residential folk high school where they got acquainted with the older adult education in the region. Later they worked in threes in different countries. Together with social gerontologist and other experts. Slovenian Third Age University was on a study visit to Aldere Sagen in Copengaguen and Strathclyde University in Glasgow. Its members also attended the final conference in Sofia. Thus older adult education was introduced to Bulgaria and a basis was created for a policy on older adult education to be adopted.

Two articles were published in Andragogic Perspectives, the first Slovenian research journal on adult education:

  • Who knows if in twenty years they will still want me?
    Aeldere Sagen has 500 000 members. Volunteers’ average age is seventy and more.
  • Brian McKechnie or let’s age positively
    On Strathclyde University and its Institute for Senior Studies as well as programmes and similarities with Slovenian Third Age University.

Contact information

Dušana Findeisen

+386 1 433 20 90