Digital Danube

The Danubian countries are a geographical, historical, cultural, political and economic entity and should be approached as such. An exchange among its inhabitants has to be stimulated as to ameliorate the social development of the region in accordance with the Danube Strategy of the European Commission.


The Digital Danube is a European Erasmus+ KA1 mobility project, co-founded by European Union whose partners are Public Open University Zagreb, Slovenian Third Age University, the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Sofia, and ZAWiW, Centre for General Scientific Education, Ulm.  The last two institutions are the so called silent partners in the project. They are not funded but they are eager to exchange knowledge focusing on ICT skills in later life.

Target groups

The project is meant for the mobility of the staff out of which many are teachers who are supposed to pass on their newly gained knowledge to other teachers and to create together with other staff of the partner organisation innovative solutions, educational programmes or events. In the frame of this projects partners meet in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Sofia.

Activities / Methods / Results

The aim of the project is to create and consolidate ties between partner organisations, to get familiar with their innovative educational activities and the structure of their activities in general, particularly in the digital field. To this end the three partners prepared courses focusing on the digital training of older people.

Contact information

Dušana Findeisen

+386 1 433 20 90

Duration: 2015-2016