BBE – Building bridges for Europe

Partners in this project have already carried out a number of valuable EU projects. In each project they invented their own didactic techniques, methods and approaches. It is time now we made a resumé of the methods used and created a Method Tool Box

The project’s objective is to categorise the methods used, developing the criteria for their analyzing and creating an online Method-Toolbox to be used in European educational programmes and actions in the context of adult and especially older adult education. (1) Critical thinking, (2) European consciousness and (3) Solidarity and (4) Alleviation of prejudices.

Duration: 1.10.2017 – 1.10.2019

Activities / Methods / Results

There will be four partner meetings and also cooperation via online tools., focusing on the cooperation of educational providers from West, Central and Southeast Europe.
The methods collected will be analyzed and adapted for working with the target groups of this project, especially older people, women, low educated people, refugees, in various settings (formal, non-formal, informal) in general adult education in Europe. A Method Tool- Box will be created.
Joint development of a questionnaire for the evaluation of the implemented projects and methods concerning the main topics; development of criteria for strengthening European consciousness, critical thinking, reduction of prejudices, perspectives for cooperation between the European partners.

Toolbox >>

Toolbox Glossary >>

Methods >>

Multimedia / Written publications

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Contact information

Dr. Dušana Findeisen

00 386 (0) 41 355 313; 00 386 (1) 433 20 90

Contract number: Erasmus+ KA 2,  2017-1-DE02-KA204-004188

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